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Loan Qualification Estimator
Please review ENTIRE page for complete information
Gross Monthly Income: This should include any and all incomes: Salaries, Rental income, Monthly average bonus
Amount Available For Down Payment: This should be the maximum that you would like to put down and/or have available. If selling a home take approximate selling value, subtract sale expenses (estimated commissions, closing fees etc.), take result and subtract existing loan balance, this should give you an approximate equity value of your existing home.(example $100,000 Home - $7,000 (estimated sale expenses)= $94,000 - $70,000 (Loan Balance) = $24,000 in Equity)
Gross Montly Liabilities: This SHOULD include any monthly liabilities such as credit cards, student loans, car payments, rental property mortgages, etc. This SHOULD NOT inlcude a mortgage payment on a home that you intend to sell, utility payments, food and car expenses or any other misc expenses.
Desired Monthly Payment: Optional, leave this number blank to see what our calculation approximates, then put in your desired payment to see what your desired payment would approximately qualify you for.
Interest Rate: Years: Annual Taxes: Annual Insurance:
Liability Percentage: House Payment Percentage: Available Monthly Funds
Purchase Amount: Monthly Principal & Interest:
Amount Down: Monthly Tax:
Loan Amount: Monthly Insurance:
Total Payment:

These calculations do not include PMI.
* This amount may increase/decrease due to changes in real estate taxes and/or the cost of homeowner's insurance.
This 'Approximator' should be used only as a 'Rough' estimate of what an individual(s) may qualify for based on the following: These calculations are based on the Maximum 36% total monthly Debt Payment to Gross Income ratio and/or a total monthly Home Payment to Gross Income ratio of 28%. This means that your total monthly liabilities can not exceed 36% of your Gross Income and you monthly home payment can not exceed 28% of your Gross Income.

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